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It's such a blessing to walk this journey with you for over 10 years.  VSSN values the service of every military personnel, veteran, spouse, dependents, family member, and those who support them.  I will always advocate for all those military service-connected persons who have and continue to make sacrifices and contribute to protecting our freedoms, the military mission, and the nation.

Along with VSSN,  I  celebrate each life for the beauty that it brings to our local, national, and global community, and planet.  It's important that we recognize and take action against the social and economic barriers that are limiting all persons including those who are military service-connected, women, and those within the BIPOC community, from reaching their fullest potential. We at VSSN will not sit idle waiting for another person to suffer or take their life because resources are not developed, shared, or accessible.  As an organization and community, we take strong steps to end and prevent hardships for each underrepresented and underserved military and/or veteran family member.  It is our duty of service to treat each and every life with high regard and dignity.  

This is why it is no surprise that one of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein is "The life of the individual has meaning .... Life is sacred, that is to say, it is the supreme value, to which all other values are subordinate." 

Daisy Tate MSW AAL
Founder and Board Chair


Our Story

Veterans Supplemental Support Network (VSSN) was formed under the late Thomas Lewis and current board chair Daisy Tate in 2013. Both highly decorated legal professionals with military backgrounds dedicated their lives to reducing and ending suicide, hardships, and homelessness by breaking down barriers to resources for the military and veteran communities.

Thomas Lewis and Daisy Tate have made strong contributions under VSSN to the advancement of persons who are Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color during and after service. Both leaders and the VSSN  board members,  and volunteers have upheld the nonprofit's core values for over 10 years. 


Veterans Supplemental Support Network's core values surround the acronym I CARE. These core values serve as a guide for all thinking and interactions. The core values of I CARE, remind us to consider the needs, welfare, and well-being of others while promoting fairness and equity across every work, personal, economic, and social space of our lives.  

I CARE  core values (adapted from the VA) include...

  • Integrity

  • Commitment and Connectivity

  • Advocacy and Action

  • Respect 

  • Excellence

Even after the passing of Thomas Lewis, VSSN’s mission continues to be carried out with excellence under the exceptional leadership of Daisy Tate. Ms. Tate has used her resources in both the legal and government space to make connections and expand VSSN’s bank of resources for many military and veteran families and their children, youth, teens.  

VSSN celebrates its achievements under the direction and commitment of its five-person board,  hundreds of volunteers and supporters, as well as multiple grantors and donors who have brought forth social and economic resources that are now available to not just veterans and military personnel but to support the achievement of self-sufficiency for female spouses, surviving spouses, and military service-connected family members, especially those persons of Americans of African descent, Indigenous and People of Color.


VSSN is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

email us here

415-779-VSSN (8776)

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