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VSSN onboards only 300 coaches
per 3000 members.
Recruiting Cohort 1 starts 9.1 and
is filled on a first-come
first approved basis. 

About Us

Welcome, 300! You are the first wave of vetted coaches. I am thrilled to see you here in the GlidePath community----- a place that connects coaches with military and veteran community members!

We at GlidePath online coaching community, powered by VSSN, are committed to connecting coaches with military (service members, veterans, spouses,  and their dependents ) clients. We're launching the GlidePath community with three hundred coaches that can support three thousand military/veteran members.

Trusted Coaches can: 

  • Build their own coaching groups

  • Create posts/questions and give feedback

  • Create articles for the entire community 

  • Create their own courses 

  • Host live content

  • Offer paid or free access to their content (we take ZERO fees)

We are committed to connecting clients with trusted coaches.

Here in the GlidePath community, we spend less energy on little things getting in our way, so we have more energy and focus on tackling the big things TOGETHER.

about glidepath
  • ?Who are GlidePath coaches
    Certified and committed coaches who are passionate about making a difference within the military and veteran (personal and businesses) community.
  • ?Are there requirements for Coaches
    The most effective individuals, leaders, communities, and organizations get coached by elite coaches. Coaches on VSSN's GlidePath are here to save lives. All Coaches are required to ☺️ be compassionate, committed, responsive, and awesome communicators! ☺️ possess a background in one or more relevant fields to include but not limited to psychology, social work, mental health, medical, human services, health, nutrition, sports, finance, and/or business fields ☺️hold a certification in coaching ☺️ work or have worked, at least 5 years, within their niche! ☺️provide proof of professional alibility and insurance (need coverage... VSSN can suggest a few low cost providers)
  • ?Can a Coach charge a member
    Yes indeed. It is expected for coaches to charge after a free 30 minute session on new matters! Coaches regulate their prices but must be fair and consistent to avoid challenges.
  • ?Are Coaches charged a fee
    VSSN the nonprofit requires a small annual fee of $499 to access the platform. This fee is 100% refundable in the event that Coaches or Therapists are unable to connect with clients.
  • ?What is the cancellation policy
    Members and Coaches can cancel their access to the platform at anytime. However, the refundable fee to access the platform paid by non-members (coaches, trainers, therapist, etc) is only returned after one calendar year upon joining the GlidePath online community platform. VSSN makes a commitment to Coaches. If a coach has not received any connections within one year, a full refund will be provided to that active Coach on GlidePath.
  • ?Does VSSN charge GlidePath community members
    VSSN does not charge a military or veteran community member to access the platform!
  • ?What is the process of signing up as a coach in GlidePath
    Below, we created a step-by-step list on how to get started as a coach! 1. Click the "request to join" button. 2. Create your account and add a profile picture. 3. Answer five "Get to Know You" questions. 4. On your fifth question, copy and paste the link in your browser to upload credentials and any license(s). 5. Look for your GlidePath access link via email within 1-2 business days (upon approval) to choose your membership plan. 6. After your plan has been chosen, check for a "Welcome to GlidePath" email to login into your GlidePath community. 7. Sign up for your Coaches' Onboarding Event in the GlidePath Community. 8. While you wait for your Coaches' Onboarding event to start: create public/private/paid/secret groups, deck out your profile, add articles/topics, external links to products, and more!
  • ?What are my benefits as a coach in the GlidePath community
    ☺️ Direct connections to clients via the platform Algorithms ☺️ VSSN's team members direct referral connections ☺️ Digital Marketing and SEO enhancements for your business ☺️ Event Promotions ☺️ Promotions of your content or product
  • ?How do we help connect coaches with members in the platform
    ☺️ We only choose a ratio amount of coaches per GlidePath military community members ☺️ Access to the GlidePath online community promotional tools ☺️ Our referral partnership like VA Vet Center, VBOC, SBA, VRC, school districts and colleges and other community partners ☺️ Algorithm in the platform to send leads
  • ?What's the difference between a life coach and a therapist
    It is best understood that therapy is more concerned with mental health and emotional rehabilitation whereas life coaching concentrates on the fulfillment of future goals that thrive in friction free living.
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