An American musical competition fundraiser series; live-streamed on YouTube. It's set to stream during the fall of 2021, November 11th! The reveal show will be on November 13th at Music Institution in Hollywood The virtual MCF (musical competition fundraiser) was developed by the Veterans Supplemental Support Network (VSSN) in partnership with Musician Institute (MI).


The event is aimed at stopping suicides in the military and veteran communities by raising over $1,000,000 to support suicide prevention awareness campaigns. Musical acts of all sizes and talents join with virtual auditions and a small onsite audience. Musical acts must meet the social media requirements. 


The winner is determined by interactive media votes on the nonprofit’s web-based and mobile-friendly third-party platform. The musical act that wins the competition may receive up to $100,000 and one major music licensing ad campaign deal for sync.


Eligibility Criteria 

  • Each musical act must be willing to promote on social media

  • Each musical act must have at least 20,000 followers/fans on one platform

  • Click here for full detail


Selection Process

  • Musical Acts simply submit Video Auditions

  • Video Auditions are reviewed and selected by the Dream Captures (A&R reps) who will issue Virtual Call Backs

  • Based on the audiences’ votes and Dream Captures A&R votes the auditioning act will move to a series of semi-finals or a  single final round 

  • The overall winner is selected by the audience through the VSSN voting platform

  • Must be willing to share recent insights from a social media account

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  • Twitter
  • Instagram