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Now through November 15th!

Why We Walk​/Run


The free will 5k Virtual Daisy Walk/Run is designed to bring communities across the world together in their own space and place to walk and raise awareness for military and veteran suicides.  

Military and veteran life can be stressful as a result of trauma, or mental imbalance for the service member, veteran, and their families.  VSSN and its partners promote programs that instill the skills needed to manage life’s challenges and encourage those with suicidal thoughts to seek help.

Simply: Pick one or more days to walk or run, choose a time, take a fun selfie, picture, or video  of you or your smartphone pedometer as you reach 10,000 steps or 5K, follow our social media, post on your social media, and tag VSSN 


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Getting Started

Frequently asked questions

Where do I register?

Click here to register!

Is it really free?

This event is a FREE will event meaning there is no fee to participate in the Daisy Walk! Donations are always accepted! All proceeds will be used towards aquiring VSSN'S first of seven -Mobile Suicide Prevention Centers

Where can I donate?

Click here to donate or vetsupportnet.org/donate Thank you for all you do ...............follow your donation at vetsupportnet.org

How can I volunteer?

Super simple sign up and give us at least 48 hours to contact you. Please be patient we are all volunteers who carve time to make a difference :) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSIrLvKFcP315sZ9rkucpD12wbf7JOR8WMezCziUv6AhP3Ig/viewform

How can I get a free mask?

The first 100 people/followers to DM (direct message) us on Instagram @vssn_vets with a screenshot of their 5k or 10,000+ steps from their smartphone tracker! Don't have instagram? Email your screenshot to info@vetsupportnet.org! Or you can post your screenshot on your profile and tag us!

Where is the walk held?

Where you want to walk. You choose your path and share it with us on Instagram @vssn_vets or https://www.facebook.com/VeteranSupplementalSupportNetwork #daisywalk #neverwalkalone

How can I help raise money for the Mobile Suicide Prevention Center?

So you are a superstar that is going to save lives? We are so grateful for your generosity. Click on this link to find sample messages to post, text, or even email! There are also creative ways to make it easier to help raise much-needed funds. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/virtual-daisy-walkrun-for-veteran-suicide-awareness-tickets-119949639601?aff=VSSNSITE

What is VSSN's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube handles

Facebook: Veterans Supplemental Support Networkl Instagram: @vssn_vets Twitter: @vssn_vets YouTube: VSSN

How Can You Help Us Grow

Daisy Walk Registration
Free Will Virtual Event
Social Media Strategies

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