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How to Join VSSN

VSSN (Veterans Supplemental Support Network) membership answers the main question. How can we help veterans, service members, and their families more efficiently? VSSN provides access to networking opportunities, research, member-developed education, and direct connection to the military and veteran community.


 View the "VSSN Membership Benefits" webinar to learn how to use your corporate membership and gain the most value from your company’s investment. Commitment takes less than one hour a year benefit lasts a lifetime!


       VSSN's service providers must offer goods and/or services directly to service-connected individuals at a discount. They also find benefit by sharing items with veteran-owned and other distributors and manufacturers. To better connect and refer service providers VSSN limits the number of members per business type within a 30-mile radius of each VSSN office


  • Distributor

    Distributors considering a VSSN membership must be licensed and certified to purchase or receive products in bulk quantities, inventory these products, distribute them in individual package quantities, and provide other value-added services to its suppliers and healthcare providers.

  • Manufacturer

    VSSN's Manufacturers are primarily engaged in developing, manufacturing, or labeling a variety of products.

  • International

    VSSN's international distributors must operate as a full-service, product wholesaler in a geographical territory outside the United States and its territories.

  • realtors

  • restaurants

  • hospitality providers

  • bank institutions

  • financial advisors

  •  legal councilors

  • pet supply providers

  • veterinarians

  • breeders 

  • rescues

  • mental health practitioners

  • health practitioners

  • hospitals, clinics

  • organic and natural wellness providers

  • cosmetics and Beauty

  • health and wellness 

  • auto dealerships

  • auto repair

  • general contractors (real estate)

  • moving & transportation 

  • brokers

  • advisors

  • government agencies

  • pharmaceutical

  • publishers

  • media groups

The VSSN Service & Resource Provider Directory is a vetted and comprehensive, user-friendly listing of VSSN'S service provider members and their services. The listing, available to both VSSN'S members and non-members, allows users to search by service category or company.

Questions? Please contact Melissa Joy, Senior Director, Members Services, at (951) 821-VSSN (8776).

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