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who meets the mission of creating accessibility shortcuts for the military and veteran community



veterans supplemental support network

Our mission is to end and prevent suicide, homelessness, and hardship among veteran and military service members and their families.


Our mission is met in three simple ways:



VSSN reaches over 18,000 service-connected community members each year per chapter location. Each VSSN signature event (Daisy Walk, Salute to Heroes, & Winter Wonderland) is designed to save lives and  say thank you from our members who offer free food, resource connection to housing, financial empowerment, veteran/military services, health and wellness, legal support, education, employment opportunities  and other life-improving services and products.  

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VETReach is VSSN's professional referral networking group. Members simply create accessibility shortcuts to opportunities, products, and services for military and veteran families (including caregivers). VetReach members (individuals and businesses) meet their goals and our shared mission by becoming educated on how to help and expand a network of expert informants and direct connectors who can better serve with compassion, reduce barriers and save the lives of our veterans, military service members, their families, and caregivers.  Learn more/join as a business or individual



Did you know VSSN, a local nonprofit, pairs military and veteran families with therapy and service rescue puppies! Puppies are a great fit as they can be trained to fit the needs of an exceptional family member...


VSSN rescues dogs and partners with local shelters, rescues, and safe places who provided board and care facilities, trainers, and veterinarians to find the right fit for a needy four-legged friend, with our heroes and/or their families! REQUEST A DOG OR VOLUNTEER


No gift is too great or small. Make a difference in 1 hour or 1000 your help can save lives! 

Our volunteers help with

  • Collecting toiletries and emergency items

  • Case Managment

  • Event Planning

  • Event Volunteer Tasks

  • In-kind Donation Collecting

  • Educating the community on how VSSN members work together to save the lives of our military and veteran families


"One call to VSSN and they linked me with one of their partnering members who helped me with my housing issues. They also gave me a few gas cards to help me get to an interview for a job that I actually got!"

Joy H.

April 12, 2019

"I know know how to live better and where to go when I feel backed into a cave! Thank you VSSN"

Edward B.

March 3, 2019M

" As a proud sponsor of VSSN's events, our dollars could not be spent better. We make the right connections and feel great about giving back!

The Winfield Group


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We can help with (click here to request for help)

  • walk through support for service-connected families in areas of housing, pet services, employment, education, business support, health/behavioral health and financial service which is offered by our VetReach members

  • emergency food and toiletry vouchers, hotel vouchers, gas cards, and  other supplemental items

  • adopting a therapy and/or service dog or finding a foster home learn more or partner click here!


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  • Join us at any of our outreach events

  • Help be a better referral source with our new directory (coming soon)

  • Attend or present 4-6 networking industry mixer 


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Barking Angels: Rescues and Adoptions/Pairings

     OR Tel: 951-821-VSSN (8776)

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