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The mighty Veterans' Supplemental Support Network is comprised of a group of vetted service and resource providers within the following industries: 



these members serve to meet a shared mission to end and prevent suicide, hardship, hunger, homelessness by facilitating easy access to a network of services, products, and resources for military and veteran families. Through CSU & SLU research teams VSSN has reduced hardship, hunger, homelessness and saved lives in

  • realtors

  • restaurants

  • hospitality providers

  • banking and financial professionals

  • legal councilors

  • pet providers

  • veterinarians

  • shelters

  • rescues

  • mental health practitioners

  • health, wellness, beauty providers

  • auto dealerships

  • moving & transportation professionals

  • artists

  • influencers

  • government agencies

  • small & corporate businesses

  • school districts

  • JROTC units

  • school and community groups

  • churches

  • nonprofits

  • colleges and universities

  • 84% of VSSN's event attendees

  • 89% of our direct connection (case management) client's

  • 91%  of VSSN's pet parents who engage in Petagogy Pet Rewards

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Holiday Heroes

Our holidays were saved by the VSSN members: volunteers, sponsors, and donors. We joined VSSN''s Winter Wonderland event and it was just amazing. Free food and desserts, the kids enjoyed the range of giant slides, jumpers, dodgeball zone. There were great community performers that made the night special.  My family can not say thank you enough for just being there for military and veteran families.

Life Savers!

Discrete and direct services that saved my life.

Thank you, Daisy Tate, and all of the VSSN members.

Semper Fi!

Best Day Ever

I  knew nothing about dogs but because of my son's heart condition, I knew it was time to give him the joy he deserved. We took a fun pet quiz, engaged in virtual classes, and met with the most responsible breeders and rescues. After consistent help with VSSN, we found a perfect match.  Thank you , VSSN for supplying the education, first year of pet food, starter kit, and connection to low-cost veterinarian services. 


Are your ready for RELIEF?

Over 15,000 vetted and committed VSSN members are ready to serve you.

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